Property Management Service of Taisei VN Company provides solutions to help Customers manage and operate the building smoothly, minimize the occurrence of incidents to residential areas and always ensure safety for residents/tenants. In addition, Taisei VN also participates in strategic support through consulting services to exploit the assets value.


The effective implementation strategies and methods of mining consulting services, We certain that property values will be maximized, bringing more profits to investors. Taisei VN researches, calculates and analyzes in-depth the current situation and potential of customers' assets. Thereby, we advise planning the list and budget of jobs, personnel, processes and equipment needed to receive and operate facility such as:

Asset Management Solutions (Buildings, urban areas, factories, etc.)

Facilities Management Solutions

Smart Parking Solution

Valuation Consulting

Commercial Strategy Consulting

In addition, with our long-term experience in the property management industry, we will help customers plan the exploitation of commercial premises, and determine the value of real estate or movable assets for investors can maximize its value.

Taisei VN is specializing in providing Facility Management services for several types of building, such as Office building, Apartment, Shopping Mall, Factory, Airport, Hospital, School, …


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