Currently, the company's image is always invested because this is a factor that reflects professionalism, increases competitiveness and contributes to the business success. One of the part leaves impression in customers eye and partners is the Reception department. This is considered the face representing business image, the professionalism, service quality and company culture.


Understanding the necessity and importance of the Receptionist, our training and personnel management capabilities will provide the professional Receptionist & Customer Service team that complete all the mission well like: internal and external relations, showing the Company's position and respect for your customers. Besides professional skills, our team also has the sophistication, ingenuity and sensitivity to communicate and take care of customers. Our Receptionist & Customer Service staff are trained in listening, enthusiasm and sympathy skills to building the business image. In addition, Taisei VN also provides uniforms, equipment, stationery for the reception and customer service department.


Taisei VN wishes to be a companion to jointly build the image as well as the quality of service that your business is aiming for.

Taisei VN is specializing in providing Facility Management services for several types of building, such as Office building, Apartment, Shopping Mall, Factory, Airport, Hospital, School, …

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