In addition to building management services, Taisei VN also provides customers with Commercialization services to optimize revenue and profit for our customers. We will work as an intermediary to receive areas, apartments, and offices and represent customers to directly perform lease transactions and transfer ownership. Therefore, customers can completely be assured to make transactions safely, quickly, which saves time, costs and maximizes revenue and profit in the best way. Taisei provides the following services as below:

  • Office and retail leasing
  • Apartments, houses, property leasing
  • Transfer of ownership and use of property
  • Tenant representation

Humans are a significant element, directly affecting service quality in the service industry. That is why at Taisei VN, the employees who manage the process of providing Commercialization services always have high expertise and skills, mature consulting ability. We are ready to help customers the best as our mission is  “Create and maintain the most favorable working environment for Customers”.

Always taking customers as the center, we are committed to providing the best customer service and the most appropriate services, solutions to their needs, supporting customers 24/7 in the process of managing Commercialization services. Therefore, you can focus your resources on core business activities more efficiently, optimize profits, and minimize costs.

Taisei VN is specializing in providing Facility Management services for several types of building, such as Office building, Apartment, Shopping Mall, Factory, Airport, Hospital, School, …


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