Exploitation And Management Parking Solutions

Operating the parking is not simply drawing the parking lines, setting up a gate, or installing a surveillance system. It is based on two criteria, such as:

  • The design plan is built specifically, following the actual situation and optimal use of the area.
  • Fully equipped with facilities at the parking lot such as fire and fighting, drainage and exhaust gas system, soundproof and anti-vibration system, etc.


Parking consulting and design

Parking systems are specifically designed to meet the Customer's criteria and requirements and provide the highest Customer satisfaction when using TSP services. Simultaneously, We use modern technologies to manage and operate the parking system, such as RFID identification technology, long-range card readers, automatic barriers, etc., bringing the Customers the best experience. 

Supply - installing - maintenance parking equipment services

We provide all equipment, construction - installation, and maintenance of parking with a professional process and experienced staff. In addition, TSP is a prestige partner of global brands like Hikvision, We commit to bringing Customers quality product lines at a reasonable cost.

Traffic warden supply

With experience in the field of providing traffic wardens, We ensure that the team meets the Customers’ requirements and safety criteria in the parking. In addition, the traffic wardens are equipped with modern equipment to serve the working process. At the same time, they ensure the completion of tasks and are ready to respond to emergencies. We are always conscious of responsibility and constantly innovating to improve service quality to give customers the best experience.


Taisei VN is specializing in providing Facility Management services for several types of building, such as Office building, Apartment, Shopping Mall, Factory, Airport, Hospital, School, …

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