Industrial cleaning service at Care Vietnam

Industrial cleaning is a cleaning process with the support of modern cleaning machines and equipment and specialized cleaning chemicals to help optimize cleaning efficiency and maximize cost savings. and time.

Daily maintenance service

Daily maintenance is an indispensable part of large projects such as apartment buildings, offices, commercial centers, schools, hospitals… Therefore, cooperating with Care Vietnam, Taisei VN provides a full step-by-step daily maintenance cleaning service that helps ensure areas are cleaned. So that, healthy and efficient living and working space are created, and at the same time, helping to prolong the life of items and equipment in the building. Besides, Taisei VN also directly inspects and supervises the implementation process, ensuring the best quality for Customers.

Post-construction cleaning service

After completing the construction, the amount of waste and excess materials is very large, so the cleaning process will be very complicated, time consuming and costly. Understanding that, We provide post-construction cleaning services with a well-constructed and complete process. Waste is collected, sorted and transported by specialized tools and machines. In addition, we pay special attention to removing residual toxic chemicals after completing the construction to avoid causing danger to customers. At the same time, the plaque and dirt on the surfaces are also cleaned with specialized equipment and chemicals, helping to create a cool and luxurious space for the building.

Facade maintenance service 

Facade maintenance is an extremely dangerous task. Therefore, We always focus on training highly qualified staff to meet safety standards when working at height. All personnel are granted safety certificates at prestigious units such as Quatest 2, Quatest 3. However, this job not only requires professional staff, but also needs to be invested in modern equipment and strict implementation processes to ensure safety for workers. We use modern climbing equipment imported from trusted brands such as Petzl, Protecta (Europe)... committed to providing the best quality service.

Why choose us?

In addition to the industrial service deployment process, which is scientifically built by a team of experienced personnel, Taisei VN focuses on investing in a system of modern equipment imported directly from advanced countries. We have many product lines such as single floor machines, 2-wheel combination machines, 1-wheel combination machines, carpet washing machines, vacuum cleaners... helping to save energy and time. The cleaning chemicals are imported directly from reputable brands such as Diversey, Ecolab, Saraya... to ensure safety - environmental friendliness as well as optimal cleaning efficiency.

With the desire to bring Customers a comprehensive solution, in addition to industrial cleaning services, We also provide other services such as landscaping, pest control, supply of consumable materials, etc, helping Customers save time and costs.

During the process of formation and development, Taisei VN has always strived to enhance the brand image as well as bringing the highest quality of service to Customers.


Taisei VN is specializing in providing Facility Management services for several types of building, such as Office building, Apartment, Shopping Mall, Factory, Airport, Hospital, School, …

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